Back in Sesamestreet!

[Reupload vom 22.2.2017]

People that followed me for a longer time might remember that I used to have an older blog. Well not much of a surprise to be honest. That blog was called »Mordgeflüster in der Sesamstraße« which can be translated into »Mord whispers in the sesamestreet«. It has it´s charms in german.
I can´t remember how the name came to me but it really grew on my heart. It was my first try to be disciplined in blogging (which I am not that good in when it comes to posting regularly and often enough to not get forgotten). My friends back then motivated me to keep this blog running and that´s probably the reason why I kept the blog from beginning of 2014 to late fall of 2015. In my head that time feels way longer than it actually is.

My blog was meant for young authors like me. I hated that you would run into nothingness and more or less had to teach it all to yourself. I had some friends that were teaching me some techniques and sometimes I learned for myself and what I learned ended up being on the blog.
Mostly. I would give tips how to cope with critic or writers block or I would give recipes for what to eat in between writing sessions.
Sometimes it really seemed as if I were professional.

But then there were the times when I wasn´t professional at any point. I was still a »child« and a »beginner« and even three years later I can see those traits that appear in my personality and posts. But back then it was really extreme. I tried to be funny and thought I was but it actually was just embarrassing. People that knew me must have shaken their head in dispear.
I do understand them now.
When I reread some of those articles I actually cried while laughing. It is pure gold what my fifteen year old head brought to life.
But I can also see mistakes and how I developed as an author and a social person that is presenting herself to a lot of people.
Back then I overshared a lot of stuff. I would tell all about my story what basically makes the book uninteresting for publishers. And to be honest some of those posts are just embarrassing.

So after more or less three years I am somewhere way different. I grew with my blog and I think that is obvious by now. I am proud that I can try again to get this blog to something that I wanted to reach back then. A fun bit still interesting place for young authors. Some silly little posts and blabber about my life. I want to get back to this free and basic idea I had when I started my blog. I know how to get there.
I am working on a theme that I had back then too. Recipes for authors (oh, spoiler). Little treats that are quick but yummy and get in every writers tummy. I asked my colleagues of what they like to eat and I will try it all myself. Also – I want to interview people again. That was a part of my old blog that I just love. I would interview people like Jennie Jäger or Marie Graßhoff (which are very popular in my writing community) and they mostly said that my interviews would be good and creative (which meant a lot to me). I want to give young authors that already published something the chance to get an interview that will give them a moment in light because I really do love that. I haven´t participated in a lot of interviews but I really would love to.

So … without spoiling everyone with even more new informations of what I want to do here I´ll better end this post here. I hope there are some that are excited for what is to come just like me.
I will try my best to get this blog back to his standards.

Until friday then with a new nice blogpost! 🙂

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