Gedankenkotze, Momentaufnahme


[Reupload vom 12.2.2017]
Fuddy-duddy is another word for dusty. When I saw it I couldn´t resist. 
Fuddy-duddy shall it be then? Well … I don´t know why this post ended up being named like that. Actually I wanted to call it something like “Dusty and removed” because this would perfectly fit the theme of this post. But then google told me that this word was existing and – my god – I can´t resist. This is like belliflufficus, the god of the belly fluffy, just a georgeous word to use.
Why we´re here? I just did, what the first title would have told you. I dustproofed my book shelves and removed some of those books. Infront of 9 years me and my mom moved into the new appartement and since then I haven´t really removed and looked over many of those books. Two bookshelves filled with words, books, memories. Some of them lost on meaning for me. Like those really childish books. You can see my reading habits transform infront of your eyes and then german turns into english and childish stories to … well, mostly retellings of mytholgy.
Have some of you ever looked over their bookshelves? You might find some old books that were near your heart when you once read or bought them but then they got lost in your memory. Well, to be honest, I feel this. I keep the books that I´ve read on display in my shelve because elseway my mother keeps saying that I don´t read the books I buy. I do! Sometimes …
But then there are some treasures, hidden behind those books. Novels over novels, written poetry and beauty on cover. Over the years I had to hide a lot of books behind  the actual ones. There the dust catched them. Covered them. Books my parents bought me sometimes or those that I got myself. Those books that I´ve read when I was around ten years old and had to push back because there was simply no space. Like “The diary of a wimpy kid” which I´ve read mostly every book. Or those “classics” that I bought because everyone had it. German jewels mostly. “Tintenblut” and books from Walter Moers.
At one point my shelve was that filled that I had to put some of my books next to my shelve. On a tower that could fight with the one of Babel or in Pisa it stood there and took not only more books every month but also a lot of dust.

So I cleaned the books in the shelve and removed those, I wanted to keep but wouldn´t read anymore and put them in a box. And those strong warriors I wouldn´t read or keep will be on there way to another journey.
My shelve is more free now. New space for new books. It looks clean and welcoming for new masterpieces. And I guess it is very inviting for english novels because I kinda have a whole shelve only with those? This cleaning-day really showed me how my reading habit had changed through the years. From Rubinrot to Skulduggery Pleasant to Neil Gaimans “Norse Mythology”.
Nostalgia hits me hard right now.I know it´s not spring by now. It is still winter and it only snowed last week but it was really relieving to take something very old that just didn´t felt right and putting it away for the moment. And hey, in the gross thought of me getting children once, I have a big store of books that I can hand them over.
Have you already had your fun with your “Frühjahrsputz” (or spring cleaning) or do you keep it until it is actually spring?

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